Benefits of Aquafitness

There are multiple reasons to choose exercising in the water. It is beneficial for everyone. Let's not forget how pleasurable it can be moving to the music and experiencing the dynamics of weightlessness along with the resistance of the water. Nobody is excluded as I have additional experience working with pregnant women in the pool and people with disabilities. In addition to leading aquafitness classes on a weekly basis, I have previously collaborated with the Swedish actors: Babygruppen " The Baby Group" where I led water gymnastics for pregnant women, Neuroförbundet (former NHR) and the Swedish National Association for Social and Mental Health (RSMH), where I also led groups in the water.

Benefits of Outdoor training

Training outdoors opens up a variety of possibilities. For example we can train in different terrain. Another benefit of training outdoors is that we have unlimited space to move freely. (More information coming soon)

Benefits of Personal Training

This service allows 100% focus on you and your requests. (More information coming soon)