Hello and welcome!

I'm Vanessa La Mothe, an experienced EQF Level 4 fitness instructor based in Stockholm Sweden. I speak fluent Swedish and English, which promotes an inclusive and effective training environment. I am specialised in Group Workouts (specifically aquafitness) which I have worked with professionally since 2010. Training and discipline has been incorporated into my life since I was young, as I had the honour of taking fencing lessons from the Hungarian Béla Rerrich.

I have a formal background education in dancing, now I am also a licensed International Personal Trainer. Since 2010 I have been employed at Vattenhuset in Stockholm, where I teach classes in aquafitness and baby swimming on a weekly basis.

Along side my employment I am excited to venture into the world of freelancing as well, especially during the summer months which brings opportunities to travel and share my expertise.

I'm adept at leading large group classes, but I can also provide more targeted training if you or your team have more specific goals set for yourselves. Whether you're a corporation seeking to give your guests a high quality fitness experience, a sports team aiming for a competitive advantage or an office team, looking to boost your communication and wellbeing or perhaps just YOU alone seeking to level up, my ambition is to facilitate your journey towards your unique objective.

As a leader I am patient, with a stamina that can help assist and drive you through any moments of weakness.